Update on the outfits

Apologies for vanishing out of the scene for so long. I promise to be regular as mentioned earlier. I have been meaning to post but I got lethargic and just didn’t post as often as I intended to post. A part of it can also be attributed to the fact that my job search has gone nowhere. No calls no email, no nothing. That has depressed me quite a bit and I was of course in no mood to shop as this dawned upon me. Hence no updates on the blog about the outfits.

When I last posted on this blog, I was very confident of getting quite a few calls. I uploaded my resume on the job search sites and actually started to shop. I was looking for buying staple pieces – basically good jeans pants, a couple of knee-length skirts(denim and leather), a versatile jacket.

I went to the Valley fair Mall near my place and happened to come across GAP showroom. They had 50% off sale going on and with shopping in my mind, of course, within my target budget, I stepped in. I started my search with denim skirt and I couldn’t find one. I inquired with one of the salespersons and they showed me to the clearance section, saying that I might find one there, if they have it at all. I started to check and oh man! I realized I was in a jeans paradise. I didn’t find the denim skirt I was looking for but I found jeans trousers at throw away price! They had 50% off of the already reduced price on pieces in the clearance section! I bought two mid raise flare jeans(one with hem and another without) and a pull on jean for just $3 and a black skinny jean for $11 – with 50% off and taxes, I got 4 GAP jeans for $18. Oh I felt so elated all the while! A well spent $18!!

I then headed to the BR which also had 50% off; but nothing interested me there and after the bargain I got in the GAP, everything seemed pricey in the store. I then straight headed to Macy’s to look at good jackets for office meetings/ interviews.I spotted this awesome jacket from Rachel Roy in Off-white and it seemed awesome when I tried on – until I tried on her dark gray jacket in similar style that is! And this one swept me off my feet. To my good luck this too was on 40% off sale and was marked down from $130 to $80. When buying, the lady at the register tried to get me the Macy’s card. But given that I moved here recently and do not have a credit history, I was sure that I wouldn’t get the  card. I explained this to the lady and she was still kind enough to give me 20% off on the already deducted price for the jacket! So, I got the jacket for $80 after tax! And i called it a day.

A day when with $100 well spent! 🙂


Up and kicking!

Yup, I am back! We are back… My daughter and I are both doing well now and are back to our normal health. In fact, I took her out to the park nearby our house, last evening.

A couple of developments to share with you guys. My parents have come over to our place here, for about 6 months and spending time with us and our daughter. I mentioned our daughter separately because, that’s who they are really looking forward to spend time with. 🙂 Works for all of us! Also, since my work permit might be approved any time now, I will start looking out for a job.

All this means this: I will be starting to prepare for y interviews at the earliest. I have been working from home mostly when I was in India and hence did not buy much clothes for last 2 years. Also, my size was just changing all the time and I did not want to spend too much without knowing what size I will eventually end up in! And then US happened and now this. So, I will now start looking out for outfits appropriate to work while also preparing for the interviews. And that does sound fun to me.

To start with, I bargained with my husband and we both agreed that I buy things for $400 on clothes/accessories or whatever is needed for work, to attend the interviews and for the initial days at work. I definitely intend to buy pieces that I can make multiple combinations with. In my mind, I want to make 40 outfits from the buy and whatever I already have. So, that’s what my next few posts are going to be – about 40 in $400!

Hope you will look forward to them as much as I am!!


Down with bad health

Sorry folks! My little one and me have been down with virus and hence could not post as often as I wanted to, as mentioned it in my last post. What an irony we fell ill immediately after the post where I committed to periodic flow of posts! In the meantime, thanks for your understanding! Will get to posting once I bounce back!

The blog – Its future!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. In this blog post I intend to share with everyone what my blog will be about, how frequently I will post, my vision for the blog.

I intend to post on the blog thrice a week. On Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The topic  initially will of course be over fashion – on current trends, hot picks from sales, review of fashionable items I might buy, personal fashion etc. I intend to gradually expand it to some tech tips and tricks, lifestyle, articles related to babies, parenting and some interesting recipes. I will also post on adhoc stuff that I think are awesome like some tips and tricks in kitchen, say. I would also like to explore this part of the Bay area I am living in and have some kind of travel log here. Something like a look up for those who freshly move in here or intending to move here.

While I do want to eventually monetize my blog, I am in no hurry. It will be a hobby of mine; that will never change. I want to use this space as an extension of myself, where I share what I learn and help those who might need it. So you can expect this blog to turn out to be like a diary with different stuff all over it.

About immediate future: In the upcoming days, I intend to customize the site more. Once the blog keeps rolling, I will eventually register my site. I am thinking that will be, like, the start of monetization of the blog, making it business-like. Anyway, for now I don’t even own an SLR and even though I have stayed on top of trends given that I don’t have a job right now that pays, and I full time baby-sit my baby, I will start off with current trends, prediction, sales etc. Once I have a job and things start rolling in that front, when I have a more predictable routine, more independence, you will see pictures of personal fashion. I want money rolling into my hands before I start start shopping for trendy stuff for myself.

So, this is what I want to do. Do let me know your thoughts about this blog, how you started yours and any tips and tricks you might want to share with the newbie! The world is better place to live, with sharing, afterall!!

Have a great week ahead!

-Love, Maneesha.

More about me

Hi, you guys! Hope you are keeping well.

As promised in the last post, here I am, back with more details about that you might be interested to know.

I am from Bangalore and moved to Chennai after marriage. My husband and I both work in tech field and we have an adorable daughter, S, who is about an year old. My husband got a transfer to US and we moved to San Jose, CA, US about a month back.

I have been fashion conscious from about the time I joined for work, which is about a decade back. I really started to follow trends much later, from about the time I got pregnant with our S. I have opened and closed a couple of blogs related to fashion and beauty earlier to this and of course, dumped/deleted them eventually as I was not able to keep up with it. Hope this one doesn’t follow the trend.

Once I knew we will be moving our base to US, I wanted to start the blog after settling down here, in the US – the land of opportunities, so that I can connect better with people, trends, shop better, personally visit the stores etc. Hope I don’t get disappointed or I don’t disappoint myself. I will post another post detailing how I intend to start posting, on what, at what frequency etc.

Till then, cya. Take care.

Hello world!

Alright! So, that’s the typical line you would print when learning C or C++ the first time. Being in the tech field so long(13 years to be precise), its not a surprising heading for the first blog now, is it?

Getting to the point, hello guys! I am Maneesha Shivanand, from Southern India(recently moved to CA, US), kick-starting this blog, officially, with this blog today. Its a fashion, personal fashion and lifestyle blog, where I would share my personal fashion, my thoughts on current trend, and fashion in general plus share few posts on lifestyle improvement.

I just wanted to peep in, say Hi and get started with my blog. So, here it is to it. I will be creating a couple more posts and how I intend to use the blog, the vision and more about me – my background were I want to be and all such personal info that you might be curious on. That’s it from me for now and for the day.

Have a good one!