Wordpress: How to – embed a presentation

Hello Sweethearts!

As mentioned earlier in this post, I thought I will share something new I learnt while coming up with the last post. I will be doing a series of “WordPress: How to” as I learn on my way of blogging.

Here is a background to why I will be doing this series. If you are not interested and want to directly want to go to the know-how, jump to the next para. If you have decided to know the background, well, I am new to WordPress and very amateur to fashion blogging. I do not want to pay for anything related to blogging for now given that it is not generating any income and that it only consumes my time, focus and energy (of course, pleasure is all mine!). I am sure many bloggers out there also are going thru similar phase. I chose wordpress because it had way better reviews than anything else in the market for both tech geeks and not so techies. Given my background of coming from IT industry, I don’t mind a little code tweak if I need to let go purchase of plugins. Everything on the WordPress has price attached to it. All that you get from WordPress, technically, is a place to post. You need to pay even to get tabs for various categories on the blog. Additionally, you cannot, as far as I have seen, tweak the basic structure of the blog – to even have various tabs for different categories and that’s a little depressing 😦 Anyway, I am determined to learn thru and not give up beautifying the blog just because of money factor. I will learn and then show you how to use it in your blog. I will also review various “free” themes available on WordPress specially for fashion.

What you need: 1. A blog (duh!). 2. A Google account. 3. Google drive as your storage for the blog document to be uploaded. 4. Have Google drive installed on your machine from here and map it to your Gmail Id.

Step 1: Open your Google Drive on the web. Now, you can do it either by typing the Google drive address on the bar or from the icon that appears on the tray like this:


This will open the drive which will look like this:


Step 2: Click on the “New” button in Red on the left top-most corner. Select “File Upload”.


This will prompt you to select file from PC.

Step 3: Select the file that you want to upload. I have a sample “Test” Power Point Presentation(PPT) here.


Once you select your file, you will be able to see it on the drive:


Step 4: Right click on the PPT and go to “Open With”. Choose “Google slides”.


Step 5: Now, go to “File” tab and choose “Publish to the web”.


This will open a new box.

Step 6: Default “Link” tab will show. Choose the settings as you want it. Click on “Embed” tab and then Click on “Publish”.



A pop-up will ask if you are sure that you want to publish – choose “Ok”. This will give you the code that is needed to publish. Copy the entire code.


Step 6: Come back to your WordPress blog and go to “HTML” tab of the post on the right top.


Now, for this post of mine, I want to embed the PPT here. So, this is where I will paste the code that I have copied.


TA DA! I have only one slide here, so the “Play” button doesn’t really make any difference. But the steps for more slides are just the same.

Congratulations! You just embedded your 1st PPT to your blog.

Hope this helps!

Do let me know if you want to learn anything specific. I will dig it up for you and learn if I don’t know already. Love ya!


Must haves for Fall ’16

Hello Lovelies,

If you are anything like me, you would like to purchase key-pieces of coming seasons in advance, when they are on sale. As promised in my last post here, Below is a gallery of the must-have pieces for Fall ’16. Click the below gallery and shop away!

What so you think of our selection? Yay or Nay?

Keep visiting us and do let us know what’s on your mind!

Fall ’16 trend forecast

Hello Beauties!

While Summer is officially yet to set in (on June 20th), temperatures are soaring up and we already see it in the way people are dressing – opting for less layers, sleeveless, off shoulder, loafers and skirts. We already see many of the trends still game strong and expect them to continue in Fall. In summary, we expect the Fall pieces to be brightly colorful and edgy.

If you are anything like us, you would like to know the trend for the next season, and buy more from your money. So, to help you invest your money wisely for the coming season, here we list the top 10 fashion trends for Fall 2016.

  1. Tops- stripes and gingham: Black & White and Black & Blue have been making waves from last Fall and we expect the trend to continue. We have seen them in different combinations like the bow, off shoulder, shoulder cut-off  etc, but the basic remains the same. Same with gingham.
  2. Long skirts: Bright midi skirts will rule the Fall. We are already seeing this trend picking up in summer and we expect it to continue to Fall.
  3. Jeans: The good news is the mom jeans is expected to go up trend and keep us all the more comfortable in Jeans. And, there is no slowing for the distressed jeans either!
  4. Blazers: An all time staple, blazers will rule – mostly in neutral colors. Neutral blazer on colorful skirts is definitely a win-win combo.
  5. Baguette bag: We expect the rectangular and square bags to make it big this Fall. NOt the saddle bags, not the bucket bags, but the “Baguette” bags.
  6. Lipstick: Its edgy and matte! Yes! Gloss has shone for a while now and its time it made way for matte again. You can expect more shades of plum combined with matte this Fall.
  7. Choker: Chokers are everywhere! If we can wear it summer, hell, we can wear it in Fall too!
  8. Shoes: Hope you have kept those high heel boots covered and maintained well; you will need them for sure this Fall! We expect the flats to see a down trend.
  9. Sunglasses: We expect the mirror-shades to continue to see an up trend this fall. Hope you have the see-thru sun shades dusted!
  10. Eye-wear and eye brow: The feline stroke will be on a high. We predict a up trend for the smokey eyes and glitter. And  oh, keep those thick brows growing.

We will soon share our list of must-have pieces for the Fall. You can be sure they would be at their best price!

See you soon.




Martyr’s Day

The Thanksgiving day in the US is observed to show respect to those who lived their lives so that we could all sleep well, feeling secure. There is so much respect for the day! – All shops are down, so many have items on sale, the IG is bombarded with wishes, the American flag is out, flying high in pride of her children!

I was so awestruck, I wondered how we could not have such a day observed in India. I was thus thinking aloud and asked my husband the same. And he said, we do have “Martyrs’ day” in India. He too was unsure if that was the right day and he asked my father for confirmation. And my father confirmed positively.

This got me to thinking why the Martyrs’ day is not celebrated in grand scale in India! One of the ways to get the young minds on it, surely is to encourage the retailers to have discount sales on the day. The conversation among the youth will probably be like -“Hey! let’s go shopping today – we have <this> <this> store putting up huge discounts for the Martyrs’ day” and that will hopefully get the youngsters curios as to “what the hell” Martyrs’ day is!


Just saying…

VS Semi-Annual sale!

Hello Beauties!

If you don’t know already, Victoria’s Secret is closing their Swimwear. More details about why here. While the article talks only about Swim line, rumors are that they are planning to close the lounge wear and night wear too! While it does leave us disappointed, it also means that you stock up your stack with the plunging price of these pieces. And below are our top 10 favorites!


I was personally looking for a skirted bikini bottom and was happy to find this baby at a discounted price!

You can play up or down using the strings on the sides.

So what pieces are you going to shop for? Do let us know in the comments section below!

Chic cut of Miranda Kerr

Hello Lovelies!

Have you noticed it yet? If you have been following her on IG @mirandakerr, you wouldn’t have missed it. Miranda has cropped her hair looking more chic than ever.


With the temperatures soaring high, would this serve as inspiration for you crop your hair a few inches more than usual? Do let us know in the comments section!

What’s happening!

Hello Lovelies!

Yet another long time gap before this post! I have to admit, its way more tough to be on top of things in fashion world than what I had presumed, and maintain a blog. While I am still struggling to come up with “real” post for the blog, I have started to curate the data on what I want to post and hopefully, ball will soon start rolling and we will not turn back!

That said, here are some updates on my shopping and working status: May 12th was my B’day and I was presented with a Red Valentino cropped blazer that I had been eyeing for, for months. Bought it at Saks 5th Avenue factory outlet at a $350, which would otherwise had been $600 odd. Of course, I was very happy with the nice surprise! I also received my work permit and since have been searching for jobs more fervently. I am yet to get any calls though. Searching for jobs, preparing for job interviews, honing my skills for the job have kept me way busy than I imagined. That said, I know that with little more organization and perhaps, waking up early in the morning will help me achieve everything.


You know you love me,

Maneesha 🙂