Awesome summer steals from H&M

Hello Honey-Bunnies!

How is your prep going on for the July 4th weekend? As posted in my last post, below are the cheaper and more affordable ones from H&M. Hope this helps in your last minute shopping.

H&M tops shopping

  1. Short Jersey Tank Top $4.99
  2. Crop top $4.99
  3. Short Mock Turtleneck top $9.99
  4. Patterned Camisole Top $9.99
  5. Woven halterneck top $19.99
  6. Short jersey tank top $9.99
  7. Halterneck top $6.99
  8. Camisole top with buttons now $9.99
  9. V-neck Camisole top $17.99 This is a must-have. Look how elegantly it falls. Easily can be mistaken as high end brand.
  10. Short off the shoulder top $12.99
  11. Sleeveless top $12.99
  12. Patterned camisole top $12.99
  13. Short top $17.99
  14. Beaded camisole top
  15. Tank top with scalloped edges $12.99 – Scalloped edges are very “in” this season. A must have.
  16. Crocheted tank top $17.99 – This is a no-brainer steal!
  17. Side-Tie top $14.99
  18. Sequined top $17.99

Now the skirts!

H&M skirts shopping

  1. Textured skirt $49.99
  2. Textured skirt $49.99
  3. Lace skirt $59.99 – This one is a must-buy. A lace skirt for a date evening, making you feel more feminine, sexy and confident
  4. Short pencil skirt $24.99
  5. A-line denim skirt $24.99
  6.  Patterned skirt 17.99
  7. Patterned maxi skirt $59.99
  8. Pencil skirt with lace $34.99
  9. Flared skirt $34.99
  10. Sequined skirt $29.99 – Must have for a party night!
  11. Jacquard-weave skirt $59.99 – A good variant from the normal skirts
  12. Cotton skirt $24.99

H&M is adding new pieces pretty much on a daily basis. Do keep an eye on them. Which ones of the listed above would you buy? Do let us know in the comments section.

We will be off to Yosemite for the weekend. Where will you be?


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