Fall ’16 trend forecast

Hello Beauties!

While Summer is officially yet to set in (on June 20th), temperatures are soaring up and we already see it in the way people are dressing – opting for less layers, sleeveless, off shoulder, loafers and skirts. We already see many of the trends still game strong and expect them to continue in Fall. In summary, we expect the Fall pieces to be brightly colorful and edgy.

If you are anything like us, you would like to know the trend for the next season, and buy more from your money. So, to help you invest your money wisely for the coming season, here we list the top 10 fashion trends for Fall 2016.

  1. Tops- stripes and gingham: Black & White and Black & Blue have been making waves from last Fall and we expect the trend to continue. We have seen them in different combinations like the bow, off shoulder, shoulder cut-off  etc, but the basic remains the same. Same with gingham.
  2. Long skirts: Bright midi skirts will rule the Fall. We are already seeing this trend picking up in summer and we expect it to continue to Fall.
  3. Jeans: The good news is the mom jeans is expected to go up trend and keep us all the more comfortable in Jeans. And, there is no slowing for the distressed jeans either!
  4. Blazers: An all time staple, blazers will rule – mostly in neutral colors. Neutral blazer on colorful skirts is definitely a win-win combo.
  5. Baguette bag: We expect the rectangular and square bags to make it big this Fall. NOt the saddle bags, not the bucket bags, but the “Baguette” bags.
  6. Lipstick: Its edgy and matte! Yes! Gloss has shone for a while now and its time it made way for matte again. You can expect more shades of plum combined with matte this Fall.
  7. Choker: Chokers are everywhere! If we can wear it summer, hell, we can wear it in Fall too!
  8. Shoes: Hope you have kept those high heel boots covered and maintained well; you will need them for sure this Fall! We expect the flats to see a down trend.
  9. Sunglasses: We expect the mirror-shades to continue to see an up trend this fall. Hope you have the see-thru sun shades dusted!
  10. Eye-wear and eye brow: The feline stroke will be on a high. We predict a up trend for the smokey eyes and glitter. And  oh, keep those thick brows growing.

We will soon share our list of must-have pieces for the Fall. You can be sure they would be at their best price!

See you soon.





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