Martyr’s Day

The Thanksgiving day in the US is observed to show respect to those who lived their lives so that we could all sleep well, feeling secure. There is so much respect for the day! – All shops are down, so many have items on sale, the IG is bombarded with wishes, the American flag is out, flying high in pride of her children!

I was so awestruck, I wondered how we could not have such a day observed in India. I was thus thinking aloud and asked my husband the same. And he said, we do have “Martyrs’ day” in India. He too was unsure if that was the right day and he asked my father for confirmation. And my father confirmed positively.

This got me to thinking why the Martyrs’ day is not celebrated in grand scale in India! One of the ways to get the young minds on it, surely is to encourage the retailers to have discount sales on the day. The conversation among the youth will probably be like -“Hey! let’s go shopping today – we have <this> <this> store putting up huge discounts for the Martyrs’ day” and that will hopefully get the youngsters curios as to “what the hell” Martyrs’ day is!


Just saying…


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