What’s happening!

Hello Lovelies!

Yet another long time gap before this post! I have to admit, its way more tough to be on top of things in fashion world than what I had presumed, and maintain a blog. While I am still struggling to come up with “real” post for the blog, I have started to curate the data on what I want to post and hopefully, ball will soon start rolling and we will not turn back!

That said, here are some updates on my shopping and working status: May 12th was my B’day and I was presented with a Red Valentino cropped blazer that I had been eyeing for, for months. Bought it at Saks 5th Avenue factory outlet at a $350, which would otherwise had been $600 odd. Of course, I was very happy with the nice surprise! I also received my work permit and since have been searching for jobs more fervently. I am yet to get any calls though. Searching for jobs, preparing for job interviews, honing my skills for the job have kept me way busy than I imagined. That said, I know that with little more organization and perhaps, waking up early in the morning will help me achieve everything.


You know you love me,

Maneesha 🙂


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