Update on the outfits

Apologies for vanishing out of the scene for so long. I promise to be regular as mentioned earlier. I have been meaning to post but I got lethargic and just didn’t post as often as I intended to post. A part of it can also be attributed to the fact that my job search has gone nowhere. No calls no email, no nothing. That has depressed me quite a bit and I was of course in no mood to shop as this dawned upon me. Hence no updates on the blog about the outfits.

When I last posted on this blog, I was very confident of getting quite a few calls. I uploaded my resume on the job search sites and actually started to shop. I was looking for buying staple pieces – basically good jeans pants, a couple of knee-length skirts(denim and leather), a versatile jacket.

I went to the Valley fair Mall near my place and happened to come across GAP showroom. They had 50% off sale going on and with shopping in my mind, of course, within my target budget, I stepped in. I started my search with denim skirt and I couldn’t find one. I inquired with one of the salespersons and they showed me to the clearance section, saying that I might find one there, if they have it at all. I started to check and oh man! I realized I was in a jeans paradise. I didn’t find the denim skirt I was looking for but I found jeans trousers at throw away price! They had 50% off of the already reduced price on pieces in the clearance section! I bought two mid raise flare jeans(one with hem and another without) and a pull on jean for just $3 and a black skinny jean for $11 – with 50% off and taxes, I got 4 GAP jeans for $18. Oh I felt so elated all the while! A well spent $18!!

I then headed to the BR which also had 50% off; but nothing interested me there and after the bargain I got in the GAP, everything seemed pricey in the store. I then straight headed to Macy’s to look at good jackets for office meetings/ interviews.I spotted this awesome jacket from Rachel Roy in Off-white and it seemed awesome when I tried on – until I tried on her dark gray jacket in similar style that is! And this one swept me off my feet. To my good luck this too was on 40% off sale and was marked down from $130 to $80. When buying, the lady at the register tried to get me the Macy’s card. But given that I moved here recently and do not have a credit history, I was sure that I wouldn’t get the  card. I explained this to the lady and she was still kind enough to give me 20% off on the already deducted price for the jacket! So, I got the jacket for $80 after tax! And i called it a day.

A day when with $100 well spent! 🙂


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