Up and kicking!

Yup, I am back! We are back… My daughter and I are both doing well now and are back to our normal health. In fact, I took her out to the park nearby our house, last evening.

A couple of developments to share with you guys. My parents have come over to our place here, for about 6 months and spending time with us and our daughter. I mentioned our daughter separately because, that’s who they are really looking forward to spend time with. 🙂 Works for all of us! Also, since my work permit might be approved any time now, I will start looking out for a job.

All this means this: I will be starting to prepare for y interviews at the earliest. I have been working from home mostly when I was in India and hence did not buy much clothes for last 2 years. Also, my size was just changing all the time and I did not want to spend too much without knowing what size I will eventually end up in! And then US happened and now this. So, I will now start looking out for outfits appropriate to work while also preparing for the interviews. And that does sound fun to me.

To start with, I bargained with my husband and we both agreed that I buy things for $400 on clothes/accessories or whatever is needed for work, to attend the interviews and for the initial days at work. I definitely intend to buy pieces that I can make multiple combinations with. In my mind, I want to make 40 outfits from the buy and whatever I already have. So, that’s what my next few posts are going to be – about 40 in $400!

Hope you will look forward to them as much as I am!!



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