The blog – Its future!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. In this blog post I intend to share with everyone what my blog will be about, how frequently I will post, my vision for the blog.

I intend to post on the blog thrice a week. On Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. The topic  initially will of course be over fashion – on current trends, hot picks from sales, review of fashionable items I might buy, personal fashion etc. I intend to gradually expand it to some tech tips and tricks, lifestyle, articles related to babies, parenting and some interesting recipes. I will also post on adhoc stuff that I think are awesome like some tips and tricks in kitchen, say. I would also like to explore this part of the Bay area I am living in and have some kind of travel log here. Something like a look up for those who freshly move in here or intending to move here.

While I do want to eventually monetize my blog, I am in no hurry. It will be a hobby of mine; that will never change. I want to use this space as an extension of myself, where I share what I learn and help those who might need it. So you can expect this blog to turn out to be like a diary with different stuff all over it.

About immediate future: In the upcoming days, I intend to customize the site more. Once the blog keeps rolling, I will eventually register my site. I am thinking that will be, like, the start of monetization of the blog, making it business-like. Anyway, for now I don’t even own an SLR and even though I have stayed on top of trends given that I don’t have a job right now that pays, and I full time baby-sit my baby, I will start off with current trends, prediction, sales etc. Once I have a job and things start rolling in that front, when I have a more predictable routine, more independence, you will see pictures of personal fashion. I want money rolling into my hands before I start start shopping for trendy stuff for myself.

So, this is what I want to do. Do let me know your thoughts about this blog, how you started yours and any tips and tricks you might want to share with the newbie! The world is better place to live, with sharing, afterall!!

Have a great week ahead!

-Love, Maneesha.


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