More about me

Hi, you guys! Hope you are keeping well.

As promised in the last post, here I am, back with more details about that you might be interested to know.

I am from Bangalore and moved to Chennai after marriage. My husband and I both work in tech field and we have an adorable daughter, S, who is about an year old. My husband got a transfer to US and we moved to San Jose, CA, US about a month back.

I have been fashion conscious from about the time I joined for work, which is about a decade back. I really started to follow trends much later, from about the time I got pregnant with our S. I have opened and closed a couple of blogs related to fashion and beauty earlier to this and of course, dumped/deleted them eventually as I was not able to keep up with it. Hope this one doesn’t follow the trend.

Once I knew we will be moving our base to US, I wanted to start the blog after settling down here, in the US – the land of opportunities, so that I can connect better with people, trends, shop better, personally visit the stores etc. Hope I don’t get disappointed or I don’t disappoint myself. I will post another post detailing how I intend to start posting, on what, at what frequency etc.

Till then, cya. Take care.


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