Deal like a Pro on Amazon Prime Day

While people were getting excited about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, there was Amazon Prime Day on the July 12th. And some of the deals were really amazing. This was the first time I ever shopped on Amazon Prime Day and I hadn’t bought anything on “Lightning” deals (deals that are getting claimed fast or is offered for very small time window) ever. So, many a deal that I was interested in, just vanished within seconds. But now that I know better and if you are new, below I am laying a few tips and tricks for buying on the day. This could apply for any deal that you see on Amazon.

1. Become a Prime member! : Of course, that is obvious. But that’s the first rule to get any deal on the day. If you are not already a Prime Member, Amazon offers of a month of free membership. You can become a member on the Prime Day and still get deals of the D-Day; cancel any day within next one month, before at least 28 days. Given that it’s free for a month,  do take advantage of it! And don’t forget to cancel it before they levy the membership fee at the end of the trial period! You could keep a reminder on your calendar for that.

2. Research: Get to know what all items will have deals, the previous day. The “Upcoming Deals” section will show you the deals that you can expect on the D-Day. Mark all those that you want to have your eye on.

3. On the D-Day: The Deals start at 0000 hrs of July, PST. Good deals are spread thru the day, but I felt that the most interesting deals started at the beginning of the day and tapered at near end of the day. It is definitely worth staying awake past midnite on the day for many deals. Choose “active” deals in the check box to know the deals that have started. And “upcoming” for those that are coming up.

(At the start, I checked the active deals in various departments (my interest lied in Baby stuff, Women’s stuff, Kitchen & Home) and then checked the “upcoming deals” in the departments for next 1 hour. Those that I was interested in, I did “Watch this deal“. Now, being a novice in this, I didn’t really know where to “watch” these deals; where only these deals appeared… So, with all the distractions thru the day, I couldn’t remember the time at which the deals started and missed deals on many of the toys that I had earmarked for my toddler. It was late in the afternoon when I realized it appears at around bottom of the deals page. Here you will see the deals you marked for watch, whether active or upcoming or even sold out, once marked, they will all be here.)

4. Make sure it is a deal!: Most of the items on deals are generally marked lower than the list price of the item even on the non-prime day. And on prime day, these will be further discounted by only a few dollars (some just as small as $2) for the Prime Day deals. In the watched deals section, they list only the list price and deal price and that could be an eye-wash if you don’t know the discounted price. So, as soon as a deal gets activated, click on the item, go to the page of the item and compare “with deal” price with “Sale” price and not against the price on the “list price”, to know what deal you are getting.

5. When double-minded: If you are not sure if a deal is worth it, and it’s a lightening deal, just go ahead, add to cart. Even if the item gets sold out or gets 100% claimed, you will still have the item in your cart. Oh, but you still need to kinda hurry. It will last in your cart for a max of 15 minutes only.

Now, all above said and done, below are the deals that I got for myself:

Generally at $119.95, with the prime day deal, got this at $69.99. I have been wanting this one for a long time. It’s also best-seller in Kitchen category; So, I didn’t have to think twice about it. I have also started to use it and it simply is awesome. It reduces the cooking time by about 50%. Totally worth it! Don’t believe me? Check out the review comments here.

The below was a steal:
Generally at $168, scored this baby at $77.95 on the day. And it did get 100% claimed.

This was my husband’s gift to me:

Listed at $149, was on deal at $99.00. I am sold-out one this one 🙂

Another one for my kitchen:


Listed at $19.99, got it at $11.99. Again I have been wanting this for quite some time and this was a good deal for me. I love it that I can wash the vegetables and fruits hands-free.

Beauty buys:


Listed at $13.77, got it at $8.95.
I have long wanted to buy this one. So, when it went on deal, even though the saving not much, I bought it considering that I would eventually buy this one. “A penny saved is a penny earned” remember? 😉

Not that “big a deal”s:

  1. Food processor:


Wanted a food processor for a long time and finally got one! Excited about this one! (Sorry, somehow couldn’t get larger picture here)

Listed at $118 now, got this at $100… Like I said, check if an item is actually a deal or not if you don’t want to go on shopping spree 🙂

2. Another beauty product:


Again not that big a deal: Listed now at $11.38, got it at $10.99 😐

These were my selects. I had few toys for my toddler in my mind, feel bad that I missed all of them. They all just got 100% claimed within a minute! Anyway, lesson learned!! Oh, I also watched Rubbermaid 22 piece glass storage, Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bags and Ray-Ban original wayfarer (marked down to $89.39!)

Did you buy anything on the Prime Day or would you buy next time? If you have any tips that is not listed above, do let us know!

Take care, Happy shopping!


Back from break!

Hello Lovelies,
I know, I know, I know… I have been MIA for last 2 weeks. We had an awesome vacation in Yosemite on the July 4th weekend. We learnt that some of the basics that we need to buy for such a trip… Will post the pix and the details of the trip.

I know many have been bitten by the Nordstrom Aniversary Sale (NAS) event. But there was not much hulla-gulla about the Amazon Prime Day. I am so surprised coz I bought a couple of real good deals on the things I have been wanting to buy since probably even before I landed here in the US. I will make a separate post on that too. I had fully intended to make a post on the picks for NAS. But given that so many have already posted on the sale, I don’t think my post will add much of value. Since I think all of them put together will cover everything you might want to know about the sale, I thought I will tell you about other things that’re going on. So, let me know if you want a post from me on my picks ad I ‘ll surely make one. I will also make one random post, which I think will be interesting for you and will also be inspirational.

Until then, Keep Smiling.

How to get free access to F-magazines

Hello Lovelies!

In my last post, I had posted a picture of a Valentino bag that was featured in June ’16 Vogue magazine. Fashion magazines have always inspired fashionistas across the globe about fashion. As much as they ignite the creative minds for location and fashion inspiration, they are pricey as well. Given that I am yet to get thru a job and that money is tight, I cannot afford subscribing to these magazines, just yet. I stumbled upon free access to all major F-Magazines (pun intended) and below I tell you the story. Read on…

Recently, I became a member of San Jose Public Library (all public libraries have free membership) in order to explore some good books for my toddler. But as I registered online, I found whole lot of book-world open for myself as well! One of the apps, Zinio, if affiliated to your library, offers various magazines free to the library members. You can simply download the magazines you want to read onto your device and read as and when you please. Isn’t that a win-win? I have downloaded Vogue (of course!), Allure, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire to name a few. Essentially you get to read these awesome (and hefty priced, not to forget)magazines for FREE!! How awesome is that!

Are you a member of a public library? If not, will you be enrolling in one now?! Do let us know in the comment section!